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You want healthier, softer, fabulous natural hair. Results like these require inspiration and knowledge! But most people spend hours simply looking for current information on natural hair and loc care. Now you can easily have the information you need to achieve the results you want!

You’ve found what you’ve been looking for! Whether you’re transitioning to natural hair or locs or have been natural for years, the Nappturosity: How to Create Fabulous Natural Hair and Locs System for Total Natural Hair Care and Author erin shell anthony deliver the total package, and you’ll enjoy using it!

You can confidently use and re-use this blueprint, which is filled with informative step-by-step instructions, beautiful photos and revealing secrets, designed to help you to achieve fabulous natural hair.

Why should you spend time struggling to get current results based off of dated information? Are you still layering product after product onto your natural hair only to have it dry again by mid-day? Do you want to wander through transitioning to natural hair or locs without a plan to ensure your success?

The Nappturosity System for Total Natural Hair Care Is A Smart Choice For You If You Are:

* Thinking about going natural
* Recently transitioned from relaxed to natural hair
* Recently transitioned to locs
* Have been natural for 5+ years

“Through my process, I purchased a lot of different books and went to a lot of different websites…and Nappturosity was the first to offer realistic and usable solutions! When I tried the suggestions in the book, I saw results!”- Tonia, Chicago, IL

The Information Shared In the Nappturosity System for Total Natural Hair Care Will Help You:

* Do It Yourself! Understand how to maintain your natural hair and/or locs at home
* Know exactly what products to use for your hair type
* Learn about all types of locs, including how to start and re-tighten your own Braidlocs and Traditional Locs
* Plan the specific steps to help you transition from a relaxer to natural hair
* Understand and create an at home maintenance system that results in enormous money and time savings
* Breathe new life and style into natural hair that has been the same way too long

I spent YEARS struggling to understand the options for my own natural hair, and talked to countless people, only to get the wrong information. That wasted so much time, so, once I opened adaru Natural Hair Salon and discovered solutions people absolutely loved, and then sold the salon after 4 years, I knew it was time to develop this system!

I knew I had to get the information out!  In Nappturosity, I reveal everything I’ve learned over the past ten years of researching, four years of natural hair salon ownership and consultation with hundreds of customers, and you’ll find the information you’ve been looking for here!

I spent over 40 hours interviewing top experts in the natural hair field to creating an engaging, approximately…220 page book that identifies almost every secret that experts use to create happy, satisfied clients!

Achieve your hair goals by following my system, which I’m laying out in a simple 1-2-3 format so that you can duplicate exactly what I’ve done and save yourself an enormous amount of time and money!

Discover 4 unique principles that I use to guide you through the information in the system, which are:  Relationship, Appreciation, Knowledge and Confidence, and you’ll have the insider information plus practical steps to make it happen!

Where else can you find this information in one easily accessible location?

But don’t take my word for it, there’s a reason all the people I’ve helped rave about the information they found in Nappturosity!

“I was learning…through trial and error. When I found Nappturosity, I was AMAZED! Everything in this book answered all the questions I wanted to know! erin shell anthony, thank you so much for coming up with this…you have answered our call!” – LaToya Rivers, Producer of the Natural Beauties of KC Natural Hair Show, Kansas City, MO

“(erinshellanthony) speaks with a voice that is very positive, encouraging, loving and empowering. I love the book!” -Martine Bernard, Sisterlocks Consultant, Boston, MA

“Before I read Nappturosity, I was having trouble keeping my hair moisturized…Nappturosity helped me to simplify my life!” -Brandy, Leesburg, GA

“I started reading the book yesterday and so far I am deeply in love…I’m expecting my journey to be a lot better and I’m loving it!” -Nikki Tucker, Baltimore, MD

Here’s What the Nappturosity System for Total Natural Hair Care will do for YOU:

* Understand and appreciate the unique attributes of your hair
* Develop the Plan that takes you through transitions and gets you from blah to beautiful!
* Create your personalized Hair Care Regime
* Obtain secrets for growing strong, healthy natural hair and locs, including my top-secret hair growth supplement
* Understand why every cosmetologist that says they are a natural hair stylist just may not be and the questions to ask to find out
* Avoid my top 9 toxic ingredients that are in the most least likely hair care products
* Learn how to start and retighten locs, as well as loc options for textured hair

These basics prepare you for the advanced information:

* Know exactly what locs you want and the pros and cons of all loc methods, and get ahead of the curve by avoiding mistakes for Sisterlocks, Nappylocs and Braidlocs
* Enjoy finding out the secret to a perfect two-strand twist!
* Get the inside-track on the Nappturous Diva’s personal hair care regime and the products I use and make
* Find out why your current product selection needs to change
* Customize the right products for you to purchase using Nappturous Diva’s Luscious List of Recommended Commercial Natural Products
* Mmmmm! The Nappturous Diva’s Signature Homemade Natural Product Recipes are better than most commercial products! Find out exactly how to make your own products at home with my signature recipes!

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